Rota-JETTER Culvert Cleaner 817-886-0938

ROTA-JETTER RH-8024 Power Unit:

Easy to use Zero Turn Stand-on type operator controls

7” wide by 48” of ground contact with each rubber track

Independent PTO Hydraulic Rotation control

AUX Hdraulic  Ports to power other options: 

Two(2) ZT-5400 Hydro-Static drive unit with over400  ft lbs of Torque for each rubber track.. Lots  of Pulling—Pushing  Culvert  Cleaning POWER!

Dedicated 1.82cc Gear Pump for PTO Rotation / Power.   Used for AUX or Culvert Tool Rotation..  Has it own 10 gallon Hydraulic reservoir.

ROTA-JETTER 18 foot Rig Ready to deliver to customer

RH-8025 Power unit travels behind white water tank. Easy load & unload with built –in metal ramps.

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